True Wealth

When setting out to make a living selling pottery the last thing that usually comes to mind is getting wealthy. Let's face it, there's good reason for that. Artisans face huge competition with cheap products made overseas in exploited labor markets. We live in a society that too often values speed and price over quality and integrity. Selling pots can sometimes feel more like selling a socio-economic philosophy.

I dropped my hours a couple weeks ago at my day job. This is unlikely to make me more money, it may not make me more economically stable, however it will make me more free. It will give me more time to dedicate to being in the studio, more time to be the kind of father I want to be and more time to do what I was meant to do, throw pots.

To me, time equals wealth. Someone who possesses his or her own time is a wealthy person. For me that's working in the studio, sitting with my kid having an afternoon snack or going to the coast with my family when the weather is good, not when I can get the time off. There are countless people who have money but don't have wealth. I'll forgo the money for the time.